Do you want to show us a picture of you with your car at 5 Star Car Wash? Take a picture with your car after we have finished with it.  Once you send us the picture, we will upload it between 2-5 business days and we will send you a $2.00 discount coupon for any of our services.  Please note: One coupon per customer and only redeemable once.  >>> Please click here to upload your picture.


“I come to 5 Star Car Wash all the time. The employees are excellent! The service is exceptional! And the place always looks beautiful! “

“I’ve been coming here for years, it’s probably the best car wash in Morris County. They do a clean efficient job and I just love the way they take care of my car”

I always come to 5 Star Car Wash!  They do an exceptional job and always leave my car looking amazing!  I would recommend this car wash to anyone!